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Hi im the person who just sent you that rant about how teenages do obsesse over who there dating i wasnt trying to say your wrong because I really do agree with what your saying I was just trying to also point out that this is how a lot of teenagers are and sadley alot of those teenagers probley won't figure out that it is ok to be single till there a little older thats all but I just didn't want you to feel like I was attacking you cause I swear that wasn't what I was trying to do


Oh no, dear. That ask didn’t sound like an attack at all. I know that you have a very valid point. I just think that there’s a problem when every single one of the female characters is a love interest. They deserve to be 3D characters that can stand on their own, rather than being used as a crutch for a ship. Each of the women that were killed off had the potential to be incredible. I think that media is a two headed beast: it represents our society, while also influencing the society. Therefore, female characters should be given just as much opportunity and representation as the male characters. 

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so i'm a little confused is Alison the only character that dies or in next week episode is there anther character that will die also i'm just a little confused because with what i was hearing i thought only one character was going to die toward the end of the season and i don't know maybe it's just me but it just seems like they were trying to make it sound like anther character was going to die next week??

3/3 The thing is: I don’t like the fact that female characters are placed into the storyline as “love interests.” I couldn’t connect with Allison throughout season 1 because she seemed (to me, at least) whiny and obsessed over Scott. It wasn’t until they were no longer together that she grew into herself; she became the huntress. Jennifer Blake (as much as I do think Derek needs  a little loving) wasn’t allowed to be as evil as her character demanded because she was a love interest. There was so much potential there, and it was cut off early. It appears as if the same thing is happening with Kira: as if she’s merely there to be Allison 2.0 which is unfortunate because she’s a lovely character. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show; it just has things it needs to work out, very practical things. 

Honestly, I also thought that only one character was going to die, which is why the death coming during the penultimate episode is so unfortunate. It just seems as if this major character wasn’t important enough to deserve a season finale death, as if there are more important things to be covered next week. The preview made it seem as if multiple characters are going to die, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

People aren’t understanding:

whether you’re emotionally connected to Allison or not, you should be at least a little upset about her death, because it’s just another strong female and/or POC character that has fallen to Teen Wolf’s white cis heterosexual male centered writing.


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um are those Spanish hunters still out there torturing werewolves? because scary.

um remember when we though show would be happiness and butterflies? Yeah, that’s not what’s happening.

No stop. 10 minutes left. Whoever dies better get a proper death.

If they kill one of the wolves, or the hunter, or the fox, or the banshee, or the parents I will yell.

if they kill them and it’s not a proper death, I will write strongly worded letters and sign all the petitions.

Any guesses/theories on who’s going to die tonight? I’m curious who you all are thinking will be the one to bite the bullet.

God bless Dylan O’brien’s acting.

I just love the fact that Kira and Allison switched weapons in their fight scene. It indicates their trust in one another, their level of comfort. If a weapon is an extension of a warrior, it stands to reason that a lot of trust goes into surrendering that weapon and then to use an untried weapon - better yet, someone else’s weapon - during a battle, shows how much your life depends on the other person. That they could get to that stage in such a short period of time and the fact that neither woman is concerned about the other’s place in Scott’s life is awe inspiring. This moment isn’t about Scott, it isn’t even about the twins or Isaac, it’s all about Allison and Kira, and I sort of love that.