Okay, so as sexy as I find Derek with a gun because who doesn’t? the fact that he has to use a physical weapon kills me, because it means that he really is losing his powers. So, Derek is becoming human. A man who was born a were, who only knows how to be a werewolf, who was even an Alpha at some point is now relying on human weapons for protection because the weapons he’s used to (teeth, claws) are no longer at his disposal. I can’t even begin to imagine how that would play out on his psyche. He doesn’t know how to be a human. He’s a wolf, he’s always been a wolf. 

This just really upsets me

“There’s going to be two deaths this season and one will be major” — Seth Gilliam at WB2 (via stydiaislove)

I get it: I understand having issues with Teen Wolf - the writing, the writers, their creative choices. I totally get it; you’re allowed to criticize something you love, but if all you do is criticize I start to wonder why you even watch the show in the first place.

I swear if Deputy Parrish is the Benefactor, I will scream.

because Teen Wolf always gives us nice things, just to take it  away.

But seriously, he has to be either a human who is aware of the supernatural world, or the supernatural creature himself.

We must protect our precious cast at all costs.

The Fandom tends to be a bit vicious


Jill Wagner apologized to Ian Nelson’s mother after she finished filming the kiss. I’m actually laughing so much

So, what did we think of 4x01?

"Oh, and you’ll see some familiar faces come back that are very unexpected."

familiar faces come back that are very unexpected.

familiar faces come back that are very unexpected

familiar faces come back that are very unexpected.

If he brings back Haley Webb, I will be the happiest girl in the world.

“They’re all still grieving the loss of Allison; they’re grieving, as well, the loss of their innocence. We’re seeing these kids turning into adults and taking on major responsibilities. There’s a certain point when Scott decides that no one else is going to die on the list and he will save everyone. A lot of this season has to do with the moment when teenagers stop being kids and start being adults. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to bring Liam and Mason into the show as well; they serve as a mirror to Scott and Stiles, where they think these kids are idiots, but it’s exactly what they were doing in the first season, so it shows their growth as well.” — Jeff Davis in answer to the question: One of the things Teen Wolf has always been great at is making sure every action has consequences. How much will Stiles still be carrying around what happened at the end of Season 3? How much will they all still be mourning Allison’s death?”